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Harness free, natural energy with our Domestic Solar PV solutions. Once it's fully installed by our experts, your monthly electricity costs will be significantly reduced.

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Boost your agribusiness's energy savings and go green with SCA Solar PV installations, ideal for modern agriculture.

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Effectively reduce operational costs while elevating your industrial site’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Developers & Builders

Partnering with SCA Solar enables developers and builders to seamlessly integrate solar technology, unlocking sustainability, cost-efficiency, and market advantage.


Bring a sustainable edge to your retail space with our PV systems, saving money and attracting eco-conscious customers.

Unlock the future of energy efficiency

Forge your path to a greener tomorrow

Personalised services, tailored for You

Three SCA Solar installers from a solar panel installation company in Cheshire, in safety gear, including hard hats and reflective vests, smiling at the camera with a residential area in the background.

Solar Solutions for a Brighter, Sustainable, and Cost-Efficient Tomorrow

From households to industrial giants, our state-of-the-art technology offers unparalleled efficiency, groundbreaking cost savings, and an ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Join us as we combine advanced technology with eco-innovation.

An elderly couple standing with a domestic solar installer outside their home, which has solar panels on the roof installed by scasolar team.

Domestic Solar Panels

Our expert team is passionate about delivering tailor-made, cost-efficient solar solutions right to your doorstep.

PV systems can save you 40-60% on your current electricity bill and instantly increase the market value of your property. 

It’s smart, it’s green, and it’s the future of home energy.

Aerial view of a farm with buildings equipped with commercial solar PV by scasolar, a storage silo, a white car, and a truck parked beside.

Commercial Solar PV Services

Discover the smart economic and environmental choice for your business with SCA Solar’s specialised PV installations. Ideal for various commercial properties like factories, warehouses, schools, farms, or hospitals.

Our cutting-edge approach guarantees your business isn’t just keeping up; it’s leading the charge in sustainable innovation and cost-effectiveness. In fact, an average system will save a staggering 1 tonne of CO2 emissions annually.

In Roof Solar Systems

At SCA Solar, we’re not just professionals in solar tech – we’re experts at blending it seamlessly with your home’s style.

Our in-roof solar systems match your roof perfectly, giving a sleek, modern appearance that keeps your home or business looking great.

These solutions are perfect for properties with less space or tricky roof designs. They’re built into the roof, so they’re better shielded and less likely to get damaged by the weather, which could mean less upkeep for you over time.

Choosing SCA Solar means you’re getting a solar solution that’s just efficient and stylish but sturdy and low-maintenance.

In Roof Solar Panels

At SCA Solar, we’re not just professionals in solar tech – we’re experts at blending it seamlessly with your home’s style.

Our in-roof solar panels match your roof perfectly, giving a sleek, modern appearance that keeps your home or business looking great.

They’re built into the roof, so they’re better shielded and less likely to get damaged by the weather, which could mean less upkeep for you over time.

Choosing SCA Solar means you’re getting a solar solution that’s just efficient and stylish but sturdy and low-maintenance.

Professional Solar Panel Installers based in Cheshire

In the heart of Cheshire, SCA Solar is pioneering the future of energy with expert solar panel installations. Set up in 2012, our mission is to harness the power of solar PV technology for a more carbon-neutral future.

We equip our customers with an eco-efficient energy solution that’s as financially savvy as it is planet-friendly.

Join us in redefining energy standards for a greener, smarter world.

Three Professional Solar Panel Installers based in Cheshire standing and smiling indoors, two women and one man in the middle wearing a black shirt with "SCASOLAR" logo.

Battery Storage

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Tesla Powerwall Certified

Two Tesla Powerwall units displayed against a white background, with the Tesla logo visible on each unit.

Elevate your property or business with the Tesla Powerwall, a sleek and innovative backup power solution designed for the modern world.

This advanced system guarantees a seamless power supply, a must for businesses where continuity is non-negotiable.

With or without solar PV, the Tesla Powerwall provides a flexible and reliable energy solution.

Two Tesla Powerwall units displayed against a white background, with the Tesla logo visible on each unit.

Wait...there's more!

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At SCA Solar, we’re proud to offer a wide range of additional services for your needs, including:

A worker in a helmet and reflective vest installs solar panels with micro inverters on a tiled roof.

Micro Inverters

Elevate your solar setup with microinverters, which fine-tune the output of each solar panel. This smart technology maximises energy harvest, even under varying light conditions.

An electric car charging with a wall-mounted charger on a wooden panel.

EV Charging

Maximise your eco-vehicle with SCA Solar’s home EV charging systems. These are designed to seamlessly connect with your home’s solar panels, allowing you to charge your EV using sustainable solar energy.

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Our Brands

At SCA Solar, we proudly partner with leading brands in the industry to provide top-tier solutions.

Harness the advanced energy storage capabilities of Tesla Powerwall, offering smooth integration and reliable backup for your solar system.

Experience the versatility and efficiency of Sunsynk products, designed to optimise your solar energy usage and management.

The innovative world of GivEnergy, provides smart, scalable solar solutions that adapt to your unique energy needs.

Choose Viridian Solar for high-quality, aesthetically pleasing solar panels that blend perfectly with your property’s design.

Lux Power’s advanced energy storage solutions offer seamless integration and reliable backup for your solar system.

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From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, our resources are designed to support your journey towards a more sustainable future.

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Renewable Energy

Personalise your journey to a greener future with our renewable energy solutions, designed to be an eco-friendly cornerstone of your home or business.

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Installation Guide

Our comprehensive installation guide provides step-by-step instructions, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient setup of your solar solution.

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Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Protect your solar panels from bird-related damage to extend their lifespan, guaranteeing a reliable and productive solar system.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintain peak performance with our easy-to-follow cleaning and maintenance protocols, designed to keep your energy systems in top condition.

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Explore our blog for more renewable PV information and innovative solutions

Explore the stories of solar success with us

See what they have to say about our premier solar installations.

We contacted SCA Solar after being recommended by a friend. Shaun was very professional in all aspects of the job from start to finish. The site survey was carried out and a quotation provided when requested.

The installation was very neat and carried out when booked in. The system was explained in full and all necessary paperwork completed. The system is performing well and we are receiving a great rate of interest on our investment. We would have no hesitation in recommending Shaun and his team from SCA Solar.

SCA Solar installed our panels to our home. They were installed to a very high standard and at a very competitive price with little disruption to us. No mess was made and everything was left clean and tidy.

The system is working well and we have had no problems with anything at all. We would highly recommend SCA Solar.

There are sayings that “people buy people first” and that “first impressions count”. Both are true in Shaun and SCA Solar’s case. He didn’t turn up in an expensive German car, nor in a designer suit with laptop in hand. He knew exactly what was required and how long it would take to complete the installation. He wasn’t the cheapest of the three installers we investigated but he appeared to be the most knowledgeable and professional and this has proved to be the case. 

The quotation was delivered on time and the comprehensive paperwork arrived when he said it would, the surveys were carried out on time and importantly so was the installation. The organisation of the installation was excellent, starting with the building of the scaffolding on the specified day. The materials arrived on the right day and the panels and associated equipment were installed over two days. No mess, no damage, completely competent. All necessary paperwork was executed by Shaun in an excellent way. 

We are very, very satisfied with the panels and solar I boost hot water system. Generation records were kept every day for a year and the system earned £629 tax free from FIT payments and also saved about 2000 Kilowatt hours of usage saving a further £260 spending from our electricity supplier. An enormous return on our expenditure. Overall we are delighted with our decision to buy solar panels and solar I boost from SCA Solar and would unreservedly recommend Shaun and his team at SCA Solar.

After considerable thought and debating the pros and cons, we decided to have solar panels installed to our bungalow. We finally decided on SCA Solar for our installation as he came highly recommended in the first instance and after our consultation with Shaun we were convinced that we had made the right choice. Shaun is extremely knowledgeable and informative with regards to all the various panels to choose from and made sure that we knew all the relevant and required information. e.g. the number of panels that were best for us, the installation, timescale and the complete electrical set up that would be done for us.

All this before our final decision was made. The actual installation was carried out quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption all round. All packaging etc was cleared and taken away, leaving us with no mess at all. After the installation, Shaun went through the whole process, explaining how it worked and completed all the necessary paperwork etc. We believe that Shaun and SCA Solar are first class and would have no qualms or hesitation in recommending SCA Solar to anyone. We couldn’t have asked for a better job. Thank you.

From the very first contact, I received professional advice. No gimmicks or pressure sales. After a full survey we discussed the best options to achieve performance and reliability with a good estimated return on our investment. The installation was carried out with the highest standard of workmanship on the agreed dates. My home was respected at all times.

Upon completion, the system was demonstrated and fully explained to me. All appropriate paperwork was completed. I am totally confident and happy and made one of my better choices. The system after twelve months has totally out performed the estimated generation. I am very happy with the advice and service given to me from SCA Solar, a very good company.

I had a 3.95 KW solar PV system installed by Shaun from SCA Solar. I made sure that they are fully accredited members of NAPIT, is a member of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC) and of course the most important, MCS, Micro Generation Scheme. The work was done professionally and completed within two days. All connected up, 4,8KW battery included and ready to be registered.

He also installed a WiFi system which enabled me to see, at a glance the power generated and exported to Octopus with the new Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme, which Octopus pays me 5.5KWh exported. My highest export to date for a day during the summer is 15.527 Kwh (this while my personal use is high). What convinced me was Shaun’s knowledge of solar systems and his quotation. Shaun also tested each of the ten panels individually before they installed on the roof. First hand observation is the best. You are welcome to visit and see for yourself and ask any questions.

If SCA Solar sounds like the right choice for your renewable energy needs, reach out today for more information

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