Retail Solar Panel Installation Experts

Solar PV & Smart Battery Storage Solutions for Retail Businesses

Solar panels installed on a retail business's metal roof surrounded by trees under a clear sky.

Powering retail, protecting the planet

At SCA Solar, we understand the unique challenges of running a retail space. Keeping operations running smoothly while managing energy costs can be a constant balancing act.

Our Solar PV panel solutions can meet the specific energy demands of your retail environment to help you maximise your investment while protecting the planet.

And with our smart battery storage options, any excess energy generated is never wasted and instead can be saved for later use.

Break free from the grid

Our solar PV and smart battery storage solutions empower retail businesses to break free from the grid. This reliable, eco-efficient energy source keeps your operations humming onsite – even during outages. Enjoy uninterrupted service for your customers and ultimate peace of mind for yourself.

Protect your bottom line

Energy prices are on the rise, but your bottom line doesn’t have to suffer. Our solar PV systems generate natural power, removing your dependence on utility providers and shielding you from future price fluctuations.

Enjoy a sleek, modern design

Our modern in-roof solar solutions seamlessly integrate with your building’s design, creating a sleek, modern look. Perfect for limited rooftop space or unique architectural features, these integrated solutions become a natural extension of your retail building’s roof.

Maximise savings, store excess energy, and gain grid independence.

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