Tesla Powerwall Certified

Leading Rechargeable Battery System for Home Energy Storage

Unleash Home Energy Independence with Tesla Powerwall

We’re very pleased to be certified by Tesla to install their flagship Powerwall battery and gateway solution. This prestigious certification highlights our commitment to delivering top-tier solar solutions.

The Powerwall is a rechargeable home battery system that stores excess solar energy during the day for use at night, giving you greater energy independence by reducing your reliance on the grid.

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Tesla Powerwall features

Touch Safe

Made from materials that don't conduct electricity, the Powerwall keeps your home safe for everyone, even kids and pets.

Flexible Installation

Offering easy-to-fit mounting options, the Powerwall can be put anywhere in your space – on the floor, on a wall, or even outside.

Double Design

The Powerwall has a strong, weather-resistant double design that protects it from tough weather, extreme temperatures, and minor bumps.

Always Connected

Stay connected to your stored energy with the Powerwall's reliable connectivity. Count on uninterrupted power whenever you need it.

Long Life

Expertly designed to stand the test of time, the Powerwall can provide dependable energy storage for many years to come.


The Powerwall offers cost-effective energy storage solutions, making renewable energy accessible to everyone.

Ready to achieve true energy independence? Explore our range of Tesla Powerwall solutions today!

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