PV solar batteries

Battery Storage


Harness the Power of Solar Energy, rain or shine

Solar batteries are key players in making solar power systems more efficient and reliable. They let us capture and use sunlight even when it’s cloudy or dark outside.

With solar batteries, your home or business can rely less on traditional energy sources and embrace cleaner, greener alternatives.

Maximise your investment

Our high-quality PV solar batteries are more than just storage units – they’re the key to unlocking the full potential of your solar investment. 

Designed to store extra solar energy, these batteries keep you powered up even when the sun goes down.

Enjoy life off the grid

PV solar batteries offer peace of mind during grid outages or emergencies by providing backup power, ensuring continuity of essential services. 

This is particularly valuable in areas prone to extreme weather events or unreliable grid infrastructure.

Lead a sustainable lifestyle

Using solar batteries enhances your contribution to a sustainable future. By relying on renewable energy stored during peak production times, you decrease your carbon footprint and support environmental sustainability.

We’re Tesla Powerwall Certified

We’re excited to share that we are certified by Tesla to install their amazing Powerwall battery and gateway solution. Tesla carefully checks each company to make sure they’re up to the task before giving them the green light.

The Powerwall is a rechargeable battery system for your home. It stores solar energy you collect during the day so you can use it at night, helping you power your home by yourself and cut down on how much you rely on the grid.

If there’s a power outage, the Powerwall jumps in to keep your lights on and your devices running smoothly. Plus, with the Tesla mobile app, you can keep an eye on everything and control your home’s energy with just a few taps.

tesla powerwall icon

Tesla Powerwall features

Touch Safe

Flexible Installation

Double Design

Always Connected

Long Life


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our battery storage systems can generally be added to your existing solar panel system through retrofits or upgrades, enhancing energy storage capabilities.

Absolutely! Battery storage systems work well for homes and businesses alike, offering energy efficiency, cost savings, and backup power during outages.

Battery storage maximises the use of solar energy, reduces reliance on the grid, and provides backup power during emergencies, enhancing energy independence and savings.

Battery storage systems usually last 10-15 years or more, with minimal maintenance required beyond occasional inspections.

Maintenance typically includes checking connections and ensuring proper ventilation.

Ready to achieve true energy independence? Explore our range of PV solar batteries and Tesla Powerwall solutions today

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