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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s Barclays and it’s a scheme available to people who have an existing mortgage with them, and who meet certain criteria. Find out more at Greener Home Reward | Barclays.

Like all parts of the system, there is obviously an upfront cost to a solar battery. The figures you provide us about your energy usage will enable us to calculate the most appropriate one for you to ensure it is a cost-efficient option.

Yes, the government-backed Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme requires some electricity suppliers to pay generators of low carbon electricity such as households or businesses with solar panels. Click here to find out more: Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) | Ofgem.

The system can be wired to supply a limited number of circuits.

We’ll give you an accurate prediction based on the cost of your system, the price you are paying for electricity and how much you use.

No, whether you just want a basic three panel system – or panels to cover the roofs of every building on a major factory site, we can support you.

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