Our Partnership with Viridian Solar

Premier UK-based Manufacturer of Roof Integrated Solar Panels

Premium panels, flawless integration

At SCA Solar, we’ve partnered with Viridian Solar, who offer high-quality, aesthetically pleasing solar panels that blend perfectly with any property’s design.

These panels are built to work well, even when it’s cloudy or parts of the panel are in the shade. This means with Viridian panels, you can enjoy more green energy and better performance from your solar setup.

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Viridian Solar features

Built To Last

Viridian solar panels are crafted with top-quality materials for long-lasting durability and peak performance.

Aesthetic Appeal

Viridian panels preserve your home’s aesthetic appeal with a sleek, integrated design that complements any architectural style.

Fast Installation

Fast, hassle-free installation of Viridian panels minimises disruption, getting you on the path to clean energy quickly.

Superior Efficiency

Feel the power of superior efficiency with Viridian Solar's high-performance panels, guaranteeing maximum energy production even in tough conditions.


Viridian Solar panels are compatible with a wide range of mounting systems and inverters, offering flexibility in system design and integration.

Environmental Commitment

Viridian Solar is committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, with a focus on reducing the carbon footprint of solar energy production.

Let SCA Solar be your partner in installing Viridian Solar's premium panels.

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