Solar panels make electricity on a roof against a sunset sky with trees and distant buildings in the background.

As the cost-of-living soars, make electricity – not hay – while the sun shines

We all know the expression ‘make hay while the sun shines’ which is simply about taking advantage of opportunities when you can… 

As we move into the summer months, a modern (and green!) equivalent of ‘making hay’ is generating electricity from solar panels.

The news is full of the soaring cost of living, and there are few ways that ordinary householders or businesses can offset or mitigate these costs. 

However, installing solar panels in appropriate locations, is one of the few. 

Of course, you need a partner you can trust – a company that will give genuine advice on whether this sort of investment will be beneficial to you. 


And that sort of integrity is something SCA Solar’s owner Shaun Giltrap prides himself on. He says: ‘Of course, it’s not for everyone: the property has to have right exposure to sunlight as well as the appropriate structure to carry the weight of the panels. And in the end, it’s about your individual energy usage too. 

‘All we ask is that you give us a few details about your electricity bills and the property itself and we’ll come back with an honest assessment of whether it’s a feasible and cost-effective option for you. If it is, you have the added bonus of helping the environment – and our collective goal of reducing carbon emissions and global warming.’ 

To find out more, contact Shaun at or visit our contact us page– and find out if solar energy could offer your home a brighter future… 

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