As the cost-of-living soars, make electricity - not hay - while the sun shines

In-roof solar panel systems for aesthetics and quality performance

In-roof or ‘integrated’ solar panels are the latest evolution in the drive to make homes more energy efficient, bring down homeowners’ electricity bills, and allow them to reduce their personal carbon footprints.

By now, most people are familiar with the concept of retrofitting solar panels to roofs – often in combination with battery storage – as a way of mitigating the rising costs of powering a 21st century lifestyle, both now and into the future. Some domestic users are saving as much as 80% on their annual electricity bills!

But for anyone replacing an old roof, or planning a new-build property, solar panels can now be an integral part of the construction.

Solar never looked so good…

One of the key aspects of this option is that the panels (which are installed instead of sections of tiling), sit lower to the roofline and are therefore more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, without any brackets or racking on show.

And if you live in a listed building or conservation area, it may be easier to get planning permission for an in-roof system, because it is more discreet.

Robust and easy to maintain

Wherever your property is situated, in-roof solar panels are robust, and because they have invisible clamps instead of mounting frames, they are more wind resistant as the panels sit flush with the other tiles on the roof.

This also means that there is no need for any bird-proofing measures like netting to prevent would-be nesting pairs trying to set up home in the spaces under your panels, with all the associated hazards of fouling around vital wiring.

A product to be proud of

SCA Solar exclusively uses Clearline Fusion integrated solar panels for in-roof installations. Explained company founder and MD Shaun Giltrap: ‘We believe Clearline Fusion is an industry-leading system: the panel spacing is really compact with only 5mm between rows and 30mm between columns. It works with all commonly used tiles and slates, including slate over sarking.

‘The panels also offer exceptional fire performance and weather-tightness – and their certified wind resistance is more than four times higher than competitor products.’

Regular solar panels also have their place

And of course, the original type of solar panel which fits on top of a roof still has its place – and may be the best option for some buildings.

When you contact SCA Solar for a quote, the team will always carry out and onsite survey so they can offer the best advice – which will include the most appropriate style of panels, any installation issues you might have to deal with, and most importantly, the cost and likely timescale for a return on your investment.

The company is certified by the solar standards organisation MCS (number is NAP-9953) and is proud of its reputation as a quality installer. To find out more, go to SCA Solar | Solar PV & Battery Storage Installation | Cheshire.

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