Renewable energy solutions: ‘free to fit’ – an investment with no upfront costs

Today’s highly efficient solar panels offer amazing opportunities to earn money for your business – or save and future-proof your spending on energy – for absolutely no cost.

Harnessing the power of sunlight (solar photovoltaic panels generate electricity for free, even on cloudy days, and do so without emitting any greenhouse gases or pollution into the atmosphere) is environmentally-friendly, as well as making sound business sense.

At SCA Solar, we are a solar panel installation company, and we partner with green energy consultancies which specialise in helping businesses with suitable premises or land to access these kinds of schemes by providing funding for the equipment required. They recoup their investment by exporting the energy to the grid for a fee, and the export price they receive gives them enough margin to enable them to charge the system ‘host’ a considerably reduced rate compared with what businesses pay for standard ‘grid’ electricity. In other words, win:win!

Some of the requirements for such schemes are:

  • Large enough roof space across one or more buildings (usually at least half the size of a football pitch)
  • Good credit rating
  • The ability to host the panels for 25 years

As part of the deal, the Solar PV Panels are monitored 24/7/365 and are repaired or replaced if damaged as well as being cleaned down regularly to maintain optimum performance.

Cream of a project for a Northwest dairy farmer

A recent agricultural Solar PV installation in Lancashire involved a 240 kWh system which has reduced the farmer’s costs from 32p kWh (which they would have paid for grid electricity) to 16p kWh, which is what they pay for their renewable energy generated by the panels.

Cleaning, maintenance and servicing are included as part of the commercial solar panel deal and the overall saving for the farmer is around £45,000.00 a year.

Of course, the farmer could have saved even more money by purchasing the system outright, but that would have involved an investment of around £170,000 – which not many people are able to do!

And buildings aren’t always an essential …

In another style of project, landowners can make circa. £1.5 million profit p.a. for 25 years by dual-purposing a 25-acre plot of their grazing land to incorporate a solar ‘field’ in combination with new portable battery storage solutions.

The panels are set at an angle and spaced to allow sheep to graze between them, which also controls the grass.

Requirements here include:

  • 25-year agreement to pay investors circa 13p/kWh for the electricity produced
  • 25-year agreement to receive battery capture export rate of 30p/kWh (guaranteed – 40 kWh)
  • Landowner pays for planning process (circa £5k) which is refunded on approval (excludes areas of outstanding natural beauty, crop/food growing land or land close to domestic properties)

There are many more combinations of purchase / lease etc schemes – it’s all about finding the most appropriate for your circumstances: renewable energy makes sound business sense, as well as contributing to reducing the carbon footprint of your company, and ultimately that of the country, and the world!

And as solar panel installation experts, SCA Solar can help all kinds of other commercial or industrial businesses to find renewable energy solutions exactly suited to their needs:

Sustainable energy solutions for industry

As a leading authority in solar technology, we offer comprehensive solar energy solutions for a wide range of businesses, from factories and warehouses to office complexes, data centres to educational facilities, and more.

Powering retail, protecting the planet

Our solar panel specialists understand the unique challenges of running a retail space – keeping operations running smoothly while managing energy costs can be a constant balancing act. The Solar PV panel solutions we offer can meet the specific energy demands of your retail environment to help you maximise your investment, while protecting the planet at the same time. And with our smart battery storage options, any excess energy generated is never wasted and instead can be saved for later use.

Solar power for homes

And it’s not only in the business world people want to be ‘greener’ and reduce their carbon footprint. Homeowners are increasingly opting for domestic solar services that not only help the environment, but also save them money: one of our recent clients shaved 80% off their annual electricity bill (down to around £70 per month) with one of our combined solar panel and battery storage installations.

Drive clean, charge green!

Whether you are a private motorist or run vehicles for your business – the case for going green with electric cars and vans is well made… and all that is required is an EV charging system – another of our areas of expertise. Our user-friendly solutions effortlessly link to your home’s solar panels, allowing you to charge your EV using renewable solar energy. Or for a business we can provide multiple charging points linked to energy efficient solar and battery systems to keep the wheels of industry turning – while keeping costs down. It’s simply a greener way of driving by harnessing the power of the sun to fuel your journeys.

With our seamless integration, you can enjoy eco-friendly charging, knowing you’re making a positive impact on the environment every time you hit the road!

So, whatever your need, as a homeowner or business entrepreneur, we have a service to support you. As founder of SCA Solar Shaun Giltrap explains: ‘When we quote, we commit to a price guarantee and give our customers a realistic timescale for the return on their investment. We are certified by the solar standards organisation MCS (our number is NAP-9953) and are proud of our reputation as a quality installer. ‘

If you want to make find out if going green can save you money – why not check out SCA Solar | Solar PV & Battery Storage Installation | Cheshire.

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