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There are significant benefits in investing in Solar Energy for Commercial Businesses. Many organisations and companies are starting to realise the potential savings and economic benefits by simply utilising their roof space and installing Solar Panels on commercial premises, agricultural buildings, factories, warehouses, schools or hospitals. 
SCA Solar offers expert PV installation services for the large-scale commercial sector, with an expert understanding on how to meet the needs and requirements from businesses across all industries; whether you want lower costs or sustainable energy security - we've got you covered. 

Key Benefits of Commercial Solar Energy, Cheshire 

Cost Savings: Solar panels are a great way to cut your energy costs. They generate free, green electricity during daytime hours that can be used on site and saved for when you need it most 
Financial stability: Commercial solar panels are a smart investment for any business that needs to make financial forecasts. With energy prices predicted to sharply rise in the next 10 years, this is an important consideration when choosing your power source. 
Low Risk Investment: The recent rise in the cost of energy has made solar power a more attractive investment option. With returns exceeding those from traditional low risk financial products, this reliable and safe form of power is sure to shine bright for years to come. 
Energy Security: With the UK currently struggling to generate enough electricity for its ever-growing needs, and with the recent introduction of mandatory solar energy audits by ESOS only recently coming into effect on large businesses across England; now might be an excellent time as any get your own independent system up and running. 
Low Carbon Footprint: The solar power industry is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. It's great for your company to be seen as a leader in this area. 

What is included in your solar PV installation? 

Surveying, Designing, and Planning: We'll start by getting all the necessary surveys done and then move on to securing permissions from your energy supplier. 
High Grade PV Panels: You can be certain that your solar panels will have a 10 year performance warranty as the minimum and they are sourced from top tier manufacturers. The specifications of each panel depend on what output requirements you need. 
Inverters: Whether you're a homeowner or business owner, an inverter is essential for converting DC power from your solar panels into AC. Your installation will require one unit which can be decided at pre-installation survey and based on how much space there's available to mount them as well what size system we plan on installing. 
Mounting, rail and/or trays: Mounting systems for your roof are another variable that determine the cost of installation. We offer tile, slate or metal mounting options so you can find a mounting system to fit any budget or needs. 
Electrical Installation: Installing a solar power system is an easy process that our team can help you with. We'll install all of the equipment required, from cabling and string controllers to isolators for when it's time to turn off electricity at your premises or on site during grid failures. 
Scaffolding & Access: When your installation is roof mounted, a temporary scaffold and access equipment will be required. Your site's specific requirements for safety can affect the cost of our services; we need to ensure that both ourselves as well as any other personnel on-site remain safe at all times with proper precautions taken during work hours so there are no injuries or accidents occurring due in large part because some sites may require more care than others depending upon their condition when initially accessed. 
How much is a solar panel installation for a commercial property? 
Installation costs vary depending on the size of your system and how much time it will take us to install. The only other variable is where you want our solar panels installed, as well as whether they can easily reach that location or not, contact us for a free property survey. 
Is my business a good candidate for solar power? 
You might be surprised by how many people think their premises aren’t suitable. The truth of the matter, though, is that there are plenty who can benefit from going “off-the grid” with this type of installation and we’re here to help them through the entire process. 
Do I need to get planning permission to get solar panels installed? 
The installation of solar panels to your home/business is considered a "permitted development". You may require planning permission if you live in an area that has listed buildings or outstanding natural beauty. 
Contact us now for a chat about your solar requirements. 
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