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Harness the power of the with SCA Solar, your local experts in solar PV installation.

We understand the unique energy needs and environmental aspirations of our community. Whether you live in the historic Northern Quarter, the bustling city centre, or the tranquil suburbs of Didsbury, we are dedicated to providing all of Manchester with renewable energy solutions.

As locals ourselves, we bring years of experience and a deep understanding of Manchester’s climate and architecture to every project. We pride ourselves on delivering premier residential and commercial solar solutions that reduce carbon footprints and cut energy bills.

Whether you’re looking to install TESLA Powerwalls or invest in energy-efficient lighting solutions, our renewable energy specialists are here to help.

Renewable Energy for Businesses & Homes in Manchester

Manchester, known for its rich industrial heritage and dynamic cultural scene, is leading the charge in the renewable energy revolution.

As a city that thrives on innovation and progress, embracing solar energy is the next step in its evolution. From the iconic architecture of Deansgate to the thriving business hubs of Salford Quays, Manchester is perfectly positioned to benefit from the adoption of clean, sustainable energy solutions.

By choosing solar PV renewable energy, businesses and homes across Manchester can significantly reduce their carbon footprint while enjoying substantial savings on utility costs. This supports the city’s ambitious environmental goals and fosters a sense of community resilience and self-sufficiency.

At SCA Solar, we provide MCS-accredited solar PV installation services all across Manchester County. We specialise in solar energy – electricity generated by daylight, rather than fossil fuels. Not only is this environmentally friendly, but it also helps home and business owners save money on leftover energy that they can sell back to the electricity grid.

Our Sustainable Energy Solutions in Manchester

Domestic Solar Panels

We offer custom home solar panel installation services, ensuring maximum residential efficiency and energy savings.

Commercial Solar Panels

Looking for robust energy solutions for your business? We’ll help reduce your operational costs while improving your sustainability profile.

In-Roof Solar Panels

Our installation technicians can seamlessly integrate in-roof solar panels into your building’s architecture for a sleek, efficient solution.

EV Charging

SCA Solar instals reliable and efficient EV charging stations, empowering Manchester drivers to conveniently charge their electric vehicles at home or work.


We offer advanced micro-inverter technology to optimise the performance of each solar panel, ensuring maximum energy output and system reliability.

Battery Storage

Let our solar panel experts help you store excess energy for use during peak times or power outages. With our services, you can take the next step toward energy independence.

The Difference Between Solar Panels and Solar PV

The phrases “solar panels” and “solar PV (photovoltaic) systems” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to different components of solar energy technology.

Solar panels are physical devices made up of solar cells that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity. Solar PV, conversely, encompasses the entire system that converts solar energy into usable electrical power. This includes the solar panels, inverters, mounting equipment, and any additional components such as battery storage systems.

In short, solar panels are the key hardware in a solar PV system, which collectively work to generate and supply electricity to Manchester homes and businesses.

How Are Solar PV Systems Structured?

Solar PV systems are structured around several key components that work in harmony to convert sunlight into usable electricity.

The core of the system consists of solar panels, made up of many solar cells that capture and convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity. These panels are typically mounted on rooftops or ground-mounted structures to maximise exposure to sunlight.

The DC electricity produced by the panels is then directed to an inverter, which converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity.

In addition to solar panels and inverters, a comprehensive solar PV system may also include mounting equipment to secure the panels, wiring to connect the components, and monitoring systems to track the system’s performance.

For enhanced efficiency and energy management, many systems incorporate battery storage solutions to store energy for use during periods of low sunlight or high demand. Some systems also feature micro-inverters to optimise the performance of each panel.

SCA Solar offers a team of dedicated solar PV installation specialists in the Manchester area. With nearly a decade of experience in our field, we help introduce renewable energy into homes and businesses in a safe, professional, and cost-efficient manner.

Where Can I Get a Tesla Powerwall Fit in Manchester?

SCA Solar employs Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers. This means we have been vetted by Tesla, and we’re extremely proud of our accreditation and ability to offer Tesla Powerwall installation services throughout Manchester.

If you’ve recently purchased a Tesla and need a Powerwall to charge your new battery, reach out to our team. We’re prepared to equip you with the best sustainable energy solutions for your home or business.

Recent Interest in Solar PV Installation in the UK

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a significant surge in interest in photovoltaic solar energy across the UK. This growing enthusiasm is driven by a combination of environmental awareness, government incentives, and advancements in solar technology.

UK homeowners and businesses alike are recognising the long-term benefits of investing in solar PV systems. As a result, photovoltaic solar energy has become an increasingly attractive option for those looking to embrace sustainable energy solutions and contribute to the fight against climate change.

Moreover, the UK government’s commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 has spurred various initiatives and subsidies promoting the adoption of renewable energy sources.

These incentives, coupled with the declining costs of solar PV technology, have made it more accessible and affordable for a broader segment of the population. Consequently, the UK is witnessing a significant shift towards renewable energy, and we’re proud to be part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Installing solar panels in Manchester is a wise investment for most home and business owners.

Despite the city’s reputation for cloudy weather, modern solar technology is highly efficient and can generate significant energy even on overcast days. By harnessing photovoltaic solar energy, property owners can substantially reduce their electricity bills and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Over time, the savings on energy costs and the potential earnings from surplus energy fed back into the grid can make solar PV panels a worthwhile investment for Manchester residents.

The cost of installing solar panels in Manchester can vary depending on the size of the system, the quality of the panels, and the complexity of the installation.

On average, homeowners can expect to pay between £6,000 and £12,000 for a standard residential solar PV system. This cost includes the solar panels, inverters, mounting equipment, and installation services.

Most solar PV panels are designed to last between 25 to 30 years, and many manufacturers offer warranties to cover this lifespan. Advances in solar technology have also improved the durability and efficiency of panels, ensuring they continue to perform effectively over their lifetime.

While the panels’ efficiency may decrease slightly over time, they typically retain about 80-90% of their initial output after 25 years. Regular maintenance and proper care can further extend the panels’ longevity, making solar energy a reliable long-term investment.

In some cases, yes – adding solar PV panels can significantly increase your Manchester home’s value.

Homes equipped with solar energy systems are often more attractive to buyers due to the promise of lower energy bills and the environmental benefits associated with renewable energy. Some studies have shown that properties with solar installations tend to sell faster and at higher prices compared to those without.

“Shaun and his team at SCA did a fantastic job of our solar PV and Powerwall installation. His attention to detail, clear interest in doing a quality job and perseverance in making sure the electric company do their job was outstanding. Looking forward to seeing the benefits!”

Andy, Congleton, Cheshire

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