As an MCS accredited installer, we'll do everything from installing the panels all up until they're working at their full potential, so you can enjoy generating renewable electricity without worrying about anything else. Plus, our works are backed by RECC: The Renewable Energy Consumer Code guaranteeing that if something does go wrong during installation or afterwards then it's taken care of. 

Looking for Home Solar Panel Installation in Cheshire? 

After establishing SCA Solar in 2012, the company quickly gained its MCS accreditation enabling customers to receive the governments feed in tariff scheme. 
Since 2019 when the feed in tariff ceased, we still have our MCS accreditation and work to strict guidelines. We are accessed each year and are continually growing as a company, yet always provide a personal customer experience.The MCS (Smart Export Guarantee) scheme offers you the opportunity to be paid for any surplus electricity that we feed back into the British power supply with green energy. We also pride ourselves in a 10 workmanship warranty. To take advantage of this, all installations must be carried out by an approved installer like ourselves. 
With our survey of your property, we provide snow and wind loading calculations for each installation. Additionally battery storage solutions can be installed to enable you to rely as little on the electricity grid as possible while still meeting all requirements with ease - not just during snowy winters. We'll help recommend what's best suited at any given time so that satisfying needs remains simple yet effective. 

Benefits of Switching to an eco-friendly, residential solar based electrical system 

Significantly cut your electricity bills 
Sunlight is a free and natural form of energy, so once you're fully installed your monthly electricity costs will be reduced. 
Cut your carbon footprint with green energy 
The sun is a powerful source of energy that could help save the planet from climate change. With solar panels, you can generate your own electricity and reduce carbon emissions by one tonne per year. 

We've got you covered through the entire installation process. 

Intial Contact: After filling out our online contact form, one of the experts will get in touch to book a survey at your home so that you can decide on a personalised solar option for yourself. 
Scheduling your installion: We'll then get in contact to arrange installation and tell you know the next steps (including when your scaffolding will be put up). 
Scafolding and Installation: Once the scaffolding has been put up, our installers will have safe access to your roof. They'll then mount and attach all of the solar panels on top. 
You're set up: Once the solar panels are attached and wired in, an inverter will be installed to change energy from one form into another. 
Connecting you to the grid: Once your solar panel installation is complete, we'll ensure that all the cabling and connections are neatly fitted with black or white conduit to suit any home. 

Getting the most out of your solar PV system 

Reduce your electricity usage 

If you use more electricity around your home than what's generated by the solar panels or during evening hours when they're not generating any power, don't worry. You can supplement this with an imported supply from grid-connected sources.  

Use more electricity for less 

If you want to maximise the amount of energy your solar panels produce, it’s important that they work at their peak during daylight hours. You can do this by running appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine on timers so they are run when electricity is most optimal for you. 

Install a PV Diverter 

With a PV diverter switch you can power an immersion heater in your hot water tank. This way excess sun power will help maintain higher degrees night time temperature so that you'll have enough warmth throughout winter. 

Hot water tank? 

Divert any of your surplus electricity generated by your solar PV system to your hot water tank, providing you with free hot water. We install the SOLAR I BOOST AND EDDI FROM MARLEC and the EDDI DEVICE by MY ENERGI. 
We are also OLEV approved to install electric car charging points. This enables you to receive a grant towards the cost of the installation. We supply and install the ZAPPI product. 
Solar PV, battery storage and electric vehicle charging points, when combined can greatly reduce your bills, future proof yourself against rising energy costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint. 
Contact us now for a chat about your solar requirements. 
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