Sunrise over a misty landscape with silhouettes of wind turbines on the horizon, symbolizing action against spiralling energy prices.

5 Potential action you can take to mitigate spiralling energy prices

Everyone is talking about the massive rise in energy costs – we’re all feeling the pinch with the price hike at the fuel pumps and also as the bills from our home energy suppliers – gas, oil and electricity – arrive. 

In the UK, we have an energy ‘price cap’, set by the government which limits the rates a supplier can charge for their default tariffs for both electricity and gas. This includes the standing charge and price for each kWh (the unit used to calculate our bills) of electricity and gas. It doesn’t cap your total bill, which will change depending on how much energy you use. 

On 1st April this year, this energy price cap will increase for approximately 22 million customers – only those who have locked into fixed price deals won’t be subject to the new rates, or at least, not until their current deal comes to an end. 

So, what can any individual householder or business owner do? 

For gas or oil, sadly not much – the advice is to shop around and get the best deal you can. For electricity, however, there is a much more tangible way of reducing bills: by harnessing solar power. 


Of course, not every property is suitable for a solar panel installation, and there is the upfront investment as well. But in the current climate (no pun intended), generating and storing your own solar energy is one way of mitigating the effects of rising prices. 

At SCA Solar we believe that you could recover your investment in a solar panel installation on a typical south-facing three bedroomed property within around seven years – and given the speed at which electricity prices are going up, that timescale could be set to reduce. 

To find out if it’s a feasible and cost-effective option for you, just let us have the details of your electricity bills and the appliances you use – and a bit of information about your property. We’ll quickly be able to tell you if one of our solar energy systems could help you go some way towards future-proofing your energy bills on our Contact Us page.

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