Solar panels mounted on the roof of a home next to traditional terracotta tiles.

Reduced electricity bills bring home the benefits of solar

A homeowner in Cheshire with a strong commitment to preserving the environment has been delighted with a recent installation by SCA Solar, which is providing significant savings on his monthly bills.

With both family cars being fully electric (mainly using a charging point on the drive), his five-bedroom house with two children using all the latest tech, was costing around £500 for electricity per month.

He approached SCA Solar with all the details of his energy usage, and its survey team also came out to visit the house to check out whether solar panels would be suitable for its construction, roof elevation and orientation for maximising hours of sunlight.

Quote backed by full calculations

SCA’s proposal was for a 10 panel (4KW) system with 2 GivEnergy Batteries to both generate and store electricity on the property.

As the householder explained: ‘Not only was the quote competitive, but we were also very impressed by how professionally SCA carried out the work. The panels are on the roof at the back of the house, which is south facing, so they are very discreet.

‘If it weren’t for the cars, we would now be completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity, but the batteries mean we can also take advantage of a low tariff to make up the extra we need to top up the power we generate ourselves.

‘Communication from order through to installation was great, and the guys who fitted everything did a fantastic job.’

80% saving on annual electricity bill

And the result? An amazing 80% shaved off the annual electric bill, (down to around £70 per month) meaning the system should pay for itself in less than three years.

As SCA Solar’s founder and MD Shaun Giltrap explains: ‘This was a typical installation on a family-sized home, and just demonstrates the level of savings that can be achieved.

‘Even modest solar energy systems can be valuable for many people – but you need to be able to trust your supplier and see the figures to justify your investment.’

Benefit of physical, onsite survey

Shaun believes that the onsite survey is a key aspect of his service – some companies will offer quotes based on nothing but an internet search of the property and area. He says: ‘Some companies just quote using a formula, but that doesn’t take into account any hidden snags that you can only see when you get physically on to the property. There could be aspects to the access that will need special equipment to get the materials on site – or some of the roof angles might present unforeseen problems when we fit the installation.

‘When we quote, we commit to a price guarantee and give our customers a realistic timescale for the return on their investment. We are certified by the solar standards organisation MCS (our number is NAP-9953) and are proud of our reputation as a quality installer. ‘

So, if you want to make find out if going green can save you money, why not check out SCA Solar | Solar PV & Battery Storage Installation | Cheshire.

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