A tall electricity pylon against a clear blue sky with faint clouds, power lines designed to manage electricity extending across the frame.

Planning ahead to manage the rising costs of electricity

A ray of sunshine in the challenge to deal with soaring costs of electricity. 

Energy suppliers going out of business, rising costs and concerns shortages in coming months have all been themes in the headlines in recent weeks. 

In the new energy landscape, there will be fewer providers, so less opportunity to shop around for a good deal – and we know that the companies themselves are struggling, so it is inevitable that price rises will eventually work their way through to customers. 

And that means you and me and our households, with the usual demands on our electricity supply – washing machine and kettle, computers and TVs – who will be concerned about bills this winter, and beyond. 

But there is a way of future-proofing your supply and keeping the bills affordable using one of this planet’s great, free energy sources: sunshine. 

Solar panels and the batteries that store the energy they produce, have come a long way since they started to gain popularity in the 1980s. 

And while it may no longer be possible to claim back much money directly for contributing solar energy to the National Grid, the cost of installing equipment to generate and store your own electricity to use at home can be cost effective over a relatively short period of time. 


At SCA solar, we believe in helping people keep their bills down: and the systems we offer have a double benefit: 

• as your solar panels generate electricity on a sunny day, you can use it, free of charge 

• if you generate more than you can actually use at the time, our batteries mean you can store the excess and call on it when you need it 

The nature of the climate in the UK, means you are not likely to generate all the electricity that you need, all the year round – but you can significantly reduce the amount you have to buy – meaning lower electricity bills. 

Obviously, there is an up-front cost for the equipment – but our calculations show that on a typical south-facing three bedroomed property, these costs can be recouped within around seven years. 

Give us the details about your electricity bills and the appliances you use – and a bit of background about your property – and we’ll be able to tell you if one of our solar energy systems would be appropriate for you.

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