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Nestled in the northwest of the United Kingdom, Cheshire is a mostly rural county providing a much-needed, but not-too-distant break from busy city life. 

There are thousands of businesses that call Cheshire home, including solar panel specialists, SCA Solar, who offer renewable energy solutions throughout the county and beyond. 

SCA Solar also offers a range of services in addition to solar PV renewable energy that helps customers work towards a more carbon-neutral future. These services include installing TESLA Powerwalls, energy-efficient lighting solutions, and battery storage solutions that help Cheshire homeowners profit from the leftover energy their homes generate.

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Explore Renewable Energy Solutions in Cheshire

Cheshire is over 2,000km squared altogether. There are numerous areas within the county boundaries of Cheshire including the likes of Chester, Crewe, Macclesfield, Knutsford and Nantwich. 

Cheshire holds numerous famous landmarks within each of its areas that encourage people to visit the county. Such famous landmarks include Tatton Park (in Knutsford), Chester Zoo, Gulliver’s World Theme Park (in Warrington), and Delamere Forest.

 In addition to famous places and landmarks, there are also a number of celebrities with ties to Cheshire, including Top Gear’s Chris Evans, John Bishop, the Spice Girls’ Mel C and Stoke City’s Peter Crouch.


SCA Solar provides MCS-accredited solar PV installation services all across Cheshire County. We specialise in solar energy – electricity that is generated from daylight, rather than less environmentally-friendly sources (like fossil fuels). This is so people in the county can therefore be more focused on their carbon footprint and can also save money on leftover energy that they can then sell back to the electricity grid.

Solar Services We Offer in Cheshire

Domestic Solar Panels

Our home solar panels are designed to provide efficient, sustainable energy solutions for your home, reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills.

Commercial Solar Panels

We install commercial solar panels that offer Cheshire businesses a cost-effective way to reduce energy costs and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

In-Roof Solar Panels

These panels integrate seamlessly with your roof, providing a sleek and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional photovoltaic solar energy panels.

EV Charging

As the demand for EVs grows in the UK, our solar panel experts are equipping Cheshire homes and businesses with convenient, efficient electric vehicle charging points.


Enhance the performance of your building’s solar PV system by optimising each panel’s output, ensuring maximum efficiency and reliability.

Battery Storage

Our battery storage solutions allow property owners to store excess solar energy, providing a reliable backup power source and increasing your energy independence.

The Difference Between Solar Panels and Solar PV, Cheshire

The terms ‘solar panels’ and ‘solar PV’ are often used interchangeably when discussing renewable energy. They are, however, different terms that mean different things.

A PV (or photovoltaic) system is a complete system which has been designed to generate and convert solar power into electricity and supply it to your home (or business). The whole system is designed using various pieces of equipment, of which includes solar panels themselves.

How Are Solar PV Systems Structured?

To start with, smaller PV cells are built into your overall PV system to generate electricity (this is via the ‘photovoltaic effect’, which means certain materials react with sunlight to generate that energy). Each PV cell will only generate a limited amount of this electricity, which is why multiple PV cells are then connected to create a solar panel.

When connected together, the PV cells (now, solar panels) are able to generate much more energy, and because each cell sits within a panel, the panel protects the cells from things like poor weather.

Multiple panels are then connected together to create a larger PV system. Overall, this PV system is a holistic system, made up of multiple smaller components (including solar cells and panels) that take light and convert it directly into electricity. This is not to be confused with other types of solar technology (like solar thermal, or concentrated solar power).

Solar PV systems come in lots of different forms such as rooftop-mounted systems suitable for homes, to more integrated systems suitable for, for example, large businesses, due to the amount of energy they can produce.

At SCA Solar, we’re dedicated solar PV installation specialists in the Cheshire area. With over nine years of experience in our field, we help introduce renewable energy into homes and businesses in a safe, professional, and cost-efficient way.

Where Can I Get a Tesla Powerwall Fit in Cheshire?

We’re not just solar panel specialists – we’re also Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers. Turn to SCA Solar for battery and gateway installation services.

As TESLA is renowned for rigorously checking each company before allowing their accreditation, we are extremely proud of this certification and to be able to provide TESLA Powerwall installation services throughout Cheshire.

If you’ve recently made a new TESLA-shaped investment and are in need of a Powerwall to charge your new TESLA battery, look no further. We’re here to equip you with the right sustainable energy solutions for your home or business.

Interest in Solar Energy in the UK Over The Last Five Years

2020 saw more people in the United Kingdom search the internet for solar panel installation than throughout the last five years. In fact, interest in solar panel installation peaked in the Summer of 2020 and hasn’t dropped much since.

Since the UK government published its aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2050, there has been a stronger spotlight on the need for renewable energy for businesses and homes alike. This has included the likes of Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg using their influential platforms to educate people about the importance of changing our ways to increase the health and lifespan of our planet.

Although it can’t be determined what exactly caused this spike in searches for solar panel installation in 2020, the fact that the searches have remained high emphasises just how seriously the UK population is starting to get on board with the need to become as carbon neutral as possible.

Everyone wants to do their bit for the planet, and as a leading solar solutions provider, we’re partnering with all kinds of property owners throughout the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Cheshire, selling a house with solar panels can be easier as they are often seen as a desirable feature. Properties with solar panels can appeal to environmentally conscious buyers who are attracted to the prospect of lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Additionally, solar panels can increase the property’s value, making it more attractive in the competitive housing market.

However, the ease of selling may depend on whether the solar panels are owned outright or leased. Owned solar panels are generally more appealing, as they come with no additional costs to the buyer, whereas leased panels might complicate the sale process due to the transfer of lease agreements.

Solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 to 30 years. During this period, they are expected to operate efficiently, albeit with a gradual decline in performance over time. Most manufacturers offer warranties that guarantee a certain level of output, often around 80% of the original capacity, after 25 years.

Yes, the UK government has currently made the installation of solar panels VAT-exempt for households. This exemption aims to encourage the adoption of renewable energy by making it more affordable for homeowners.

The zero-rate VAT applies to both the supply and installation of solar panels, significantly reducing the overall cost and making solar energy a more attractive option for those looking to invest in sustainable home improvements.

The cost of fitting solar panels in Cheshire can vary depending on the size and type of system installed. 

On average, a typical domestic solar panel system might cost between £4,000 and £8,000. This estimate includes the cost of the panels, inverter, mounting equipment, and installation. Factors such as the complexity of the installation, the choice of solar panel brand, and any additional features like battery storage can influence the final price. 

To learn how much solar power solutions would cost to install at your home or business, get in touch with our solar PV installers in Cheshire today. We’ll provide you with a free quote.

Things to do, places to stay and where to eat in Cheshire

Spanning such a large area of the UK, Cheshire boasts lots of fun and exciting things to do. Here are just three of our top picks if you’re in the area for the day.
A rhinoceros stands in a grassy enclosure with a "chester zoo" sign in the background on a sunny day.

Visit Chester Zoo

Usually top of the list of things to do when visiting Cheshire, Chester Zoo is one of the UK’s largest zoos. It spans around 160 hectares and is also the most-visited wildlife attraction in Britain. Whether you’re hoping to admire the animals, or take long walks throughout the colourful gardens, there’s something for everyone here.

Image from The Telegraph
A large classical mansion with extensive columns and sculptures, reflected in a still pond, surrounded by lush green trees.

Visit Lyme Park, National Trust

Rated 4.7/5 on Tripadvisor, Lyme Park is a must-visit if you’re looking for something cultural to do in Cheshire. It’s a National Trust estate based in Disley and has been around since the 1300s. Learn all about its history with a fun-packed day trip.

Image from
Colorful illustrated map of gulliver's world theme park, showcasing various attractions, rides, and themed areas labeled with names and icons.

Visit Gulliver’s World Theme Park

Another UK household name, Gulliver’s World is perfect for a family day out. It has various attractions, from Splash Zones, to Blast Arenas to Safari Kingdoms and is guaranteed not to disappoint if you’re looking for something to do with the children.

Image from

Where to stay and eat in Cheshire

If you’re after somewhere to stay overnight and maybe a place to grab a bite to eat in Cheshire, look no further.  Here are our top three picks!

“Shaun and his team at SCA did a fantastic job of our solar PV and Powerwall installation. His attention to detail, clear interest in doing a quality job and perseverance in making sure the electric company do their job was outstanding. Looking forward to seeing the benefits!”

Andy, Congleton, Cheshire

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