5 reasons to consider solar PV for your business

5 reasons to consider solar PV for your business

With UK shoppers becoming more likely to spend their money with eco-friendly brands, there has never been a better time for businesses to evaluate their environmental approach. A combination of smaller changes along with bigger, more impactful ones, could see companies build on their reputation and even increase their sales.

But aside from implementing new recycling bins, and only purchasing stationary with recyclable packaging, what else can businesses do to improve their environmental stance? 

At SCA Solar, we support businesses across Cheshire and beyond as they embark on their journey to solar PV. We help them transform their organisation’s energy source so that they use the sun’s daylight to power their headquarters, instead of fossil fuels. 

To help you understand more about how solar PV can help your business, here are five benefits to consider. 

1. It’s much more environmentally friendly 

Solar PV is one of the most environmentally friendly energy sources around. Instead of using thermal energy which leads to increased fossil fuels and more harmful emissions released into our environment, solar is a completely renewable energy source which does not impact the planet. If you were to get nothing else from opting for solar PV, your organisation’s decreased impact on the environment would be more than enough to justify the switch. 

2. You’ll save money 

Over the lifespan of their solar PV system, businesses can save tens of thousands of pounds in reduced energy bills in comparison to non-renewable energy. Solar for businesses is a fantastic way to reduce utility costs for the long-haul. 

3. You can quantify ROI with solar 

Not only will you save money by choosing solar PV for your business, but you’ll make money too. When your company’s solar PV system is up and running, you’ll be able to sell unused electricity to the electricity grid. 

Although the initial investment of solar looks scarier than it actually is, it tends to be a barrier for lots of businesses out there. But with the ability to both save money and earn it, that concern is usually quickly by-passed. 

4. Solar is great for your company’s reputation 

As we mentioned above, many consumers are actively seeking eco-friendly companies to spend their money with. For this reason, owning a business that runs completely on renewable energy is a huge selling factor and can attract both customers and investors (you’ll just need to make sure that this information is displayed clearly on your website, marketing materials etc). 

5. There are no limits with solar 

One of the best things about choosing solar PV for your business is that there are usually no limits to your choice. You could be an office-based business, a factory, or even a supermarket, and you would still have options to choose from. 

If you’re a business in or around the Cheshire area and you’re thinking about switching your energy source to solar PV, we’d love to help. At SCA Solar, we’re professional solar PV installation specialists and we help businesses like yours switch to renewable energy every day. 

Regardless of whether you’re ready to book, or just have some questions about your site, get in touch for a chat about your requirements today.

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